1947 – 1955 New Parts

Here are new Items not yet found in our catalog. For a complete list of all our products please check the catalog for your truck. For catalog information Please contact us. Call us @ 905-725-3460

Retainer Clip / Stud lock

1936-1950 Retainer / clip – stud lock
      small – approx 7/16″ ID
      large – approx 9/16″ ID

Used on all cars and trucks from 1936-1950

#37-0200-S – $2.25
#37-0200-L – $2.25

Wheel Clips

1937-1962 Wheel clips 
Clips for retaining original type hubcaps

#24-0905-15K – $19.95

Brake Bar and Spring

Park Brake Bar between brake shoes
Park Brake Bar Spring @ cross bar & front shoe

#37-0745 $9.95
#37-0744 $3.75


1947-1955 GMC hood side emblems white w/ red details pair w/ hdw

#23-202-G – $115.00 Pair


Door Glass Roller Guide – long used when installing one pc 1947-1950 glass in 1951-1955 w/ 1951-1955 window regulator –
also used on 1947-1950 original application- cut to fit/drill holes require mount holes to be drilled

#13-211-19 – $39.95 Each

Visor Support

NEW 1947-1953 Fulton visor long and short center supports w/ cushion all stainless steel construction-fits all split-window application

# 44-2SU-S $38.95 Pair

Heater Cores

The 1947-1957 Harrison round heater cores are difficult to make and the aftermarket cores reflect that in their price.

We scrapped that design and re-designed the heater core unit using a better core design and a 12V SPAL fan. We kept it all hidden inside the same round housing and all you have to do is remove the original support brace and install on this assembly. Will also accept the higher cooling system pressures when switching to newer engines with higher cooling system pressures . The outlet pipe size is 9/16 OD

# 22-0302-A $375.00


Now available for  GMC   NEW  aluminum  rads  for

1947-1955 Chev & GMC   truck w/ the correct  upper  fill  position Core size is 19 1/4″ x 22 3/4″. Inlet is 1 1/2″. Outlet is 1 3/4″. These are welded construction there is no epoxy used in these radiators. -3 rows of tubes -original hose location and sizes -includes automatic trans cooler -installs in original bkts

 -includes  14 lb rad cap

             3/row w/ auto cooler,14 lb rad cap Chev only   1947-1953
             3/row w/ auto cooler,14 lb rad cap GMC only  1947-1955

#41-2RAD-CA-B $395.00
#41-2RAD-GA-B $425.00

Side Kick panel

1947-1955  right side kick panel dlx heater  cover w/ hdw

#22-201-DP $13.95

Hood Latch Assembly

1947-1955  Safety Hood Latch Assembly 

# 3-220-LC – $74.95
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