Old Stock – New Truck Parts

Here is a list of NOS inventory that we have collected over the years and are now posting it for sale. Many of these items are more then one. Call us at 905-725-3460

Stepside Rear Fender

1967 NOS  GM# 3882660, right stepside fender. Without marker hole.


GM #3882660

Front Fender

1957 NOS  GM# 3741220, Big truck, Series 4 – 6, right front fender


GM #3741220

Longbox Bedsides

1979 – 1987 NOS General Motors, left longbox bedsides, with square fuel door and original boxes.



GM #15628615
$2000 LEFT only.

Left Inner Fenders

NOS  1973-1980  Left Inner Fenders
     GM Part# 14016553

GM #14016553
$250.00 each

Shackle Kit

NOS  GM K 10/ 20  shackle kits

1967-1987  Front Spring Shackle kit @ rear of spring
    includes supports-rubber bushings-pins and
    hardware-OE  GM  -fits           K 10/20

GM #627088

$65.00 each box

Please note that we have hundreds of new and used parts in stock and that this is only a sample.
Please call for more information on the part you are looking for. 905-725-3460
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